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Cheap Dog Subscription Box Quality Waggle Mail

Finally A Good Quality Cheap Dog Subscription Box Is Here

I know what you’re thinking, you’ve seen our prices and you think our products will be the same old sh*t every month. Keeping reading to find our why your wrong!

Our Ethos

Waggle Mail have only the BEST intentions and think every dog deserves the chance to enjoy good treats and exciting monthly toys. Without the premium prices. At Waggle Mail It is our prerogative that every customer should be left feeling fulfilled and satisfied. Not left feeling cheated with a hole in your pocket. Which is how most purchases leave you feeling now-a-days. However at Waggle Mail we have made it our mission to create a cheap dog subscription box with premium products.

Switching it Up

Trying to keep a dogs treats and toys exciting and challenging every month can sometimes be more of difficult than it seems. Not to mention much more expensive than you may have thought. You want to take the time and effort to choose your dogs toys. But in reality it falls to the backburner and you chuck anything you can get your hands on into the trolley. Because lets be honest the dogs not going to moan. Nevertheless you know they deserve better. We feel your pain. Trying to keep everyone happy can be a chore let alone interested. 

Waggle Mail take all the boring bits out of shopping for you dog allowing you to focus the little time you do have on playing with them. We frequently change and rotate the products making sure you are getting the most for your money. Not to mention your 4-Legged friend getting the range of products they deserve. By working closely with big brands and wholesalers, we can offer you an array of premium products every month for a more affordable price.

Is a dog subscription box cheaper than buying the products individually?

Our dog box gives our customers the convenience of having all their essential monthly dog products delivered to their door at a click of a button. We pride ourselves on ensuring every customer gets their moneys worth. Each box contains treats, toys and products that have a retail value up to or over the box price. Our aim is to redefine the word cheap.

What’s in it for me?

Our dog box gives customers and their pets the ease and choice of trying new products from their own homes. Every month our boxes contain new items to not only ensure you are getting the best products for the price but also to make sure your pooch stays inquisitive and stimulated.

Waggle Mail believe our boxes are the most adaptable and interchangeable to you. We offer our customers a say in what product they receive and the quantity of each. Ensuring we match their individual needs.

Where's The Catch?

There. Isn’t. One. We want to redefine your image of a cheap dog subscription box. Waggle Mail want to you get exactly what you pay for and with our products there is no doubting that. Just like you we believe loyalty should be rewarded that’s why all our 12 month subscriptions come with a FREE Birthday Box.

The Bottom Line

Waggle Mail aim is to be affordable for all dog owners because we believe all dogs deserve the best not just the ones who pay the premium. By keeping our dog subscription boxes cheap we are able to keep our customers happy. The Waggle Mail team are all dog owners like you or me just trying to do the best for pups all over the UK for the most affordable price possible.

Not to mention, if your still on the fence dont forget 10% of all profit from all products gets donated to the RSPCA or Battersea Rescue to help other pets in need.

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  • Roger P

    Really good read Abi. Very straight forward, I like it.

    13 March 2021 at 10:29 pm

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