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About Us

Our History

Passionate dog owners going above and beyond to keep your best friends happy. Only the best quality products sourced and tested for your pets. We are avid animal lovers and strive to keep pets and owners happy, that’s why we have gone out of our way to create a personalised unique subscription box for your pet. We know every pet is different and has different needs and we have tried to create something every pet owner would be happy with. From incorporating your pets favourite brands to taking on board your pet hates, whether that’s a squeaky toy or smelly breath we will do our best to meet everybody’s needs.

We want to make dogs happy because they make us happy.

Waggle Mail Dog Subscription Box Dog on phone

Our History

From humble beginnings. We started with a garage full of dog toys and treats… and no one to give them too!

We joined hands with some local pet companies and started supplying them with all their pet needs.

In 2019 we started looking into creating a unique subscription box called Waggle Mail!

We’ve been going strong and getting more and more people on board with the Waggle Mail Way! And people are loving it. We want every pet to be happy and we won’t stop until they are.


We are proud to be there whenever you need us, from the simple things, to custom orders!


All of our cat and dog subscriptions come with free first class postage! Free delivery is always a winner.


10% of all our profits go to a different animal charity every single month.