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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The reason being is for your and our security.

You DON'T have to have a PayPal account to use PayPal. It will give you the option to type in your debit/credit card number in a safe transaction window.

If you have any question or queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Of course! Just let us know in the notes section when you fill out the subscription.

No each box is made unique to each dog and the products tailored to your dogs age, breed and size.

Our delivery normally takes between 3-5 working days?

We normally process orders within 2 working days

Just add your dog's breed to the box and we will be able to work it out from this or see a general guide below.

Small = 45cm (18") length and 18cm (7") drop.

Dog guide: Tiny toy breeds such as Chihuahua Dog Breeds

Medium =52cm (20") length and 26cm (10") drop

Dog guide: Small to Medium Dogs such as Yorkies, Small Westies,

Small Pugs etc

Large =74cm (29") length and 37cm (15") drop

Dog guide:  Medium to Large Dogs, Up to German Shepherd,

Cocker Spaniels, Labs, Boxers, staffie etc. 

X Large = 100cm (39") Length and 42cm (16") drop

Dog guide: Rottweilers etc.

Of course! Just add it to your notes when you sign up. Or if you have already signed up, just fill out our contact form and we will be sure to remove all squeaky toys from future boxes.

Send us an email over at [email protected] or click here to use our contact form and if your order hasn't been shipped we will cancel and refund you. 

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